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Welcome to the world, Daniel!

Tháng Mười 30, 2009

From Mummy to Daniel, with Love!

“I don’t think I will ever forget those first few days. I couldn’t sleep at all for almost 5 days, believe me or not, I was in pain after the operation, I couldn’t move about very well, but I felt happier than I can ever begin to say…

People write birth plan. I did as well. We were actually planning on water birth after a recommendation from a friend. I then felt a bit nervous and wrote consider epidural if necessary. I came into labour painfully but felt happily than ever as I knew “this is it!”. We’ve been waiting for so long already. I told myself “no screaming!” to save energy to push.

But things are not always according to plan. There was not much baby’s movement since I started contraction. I had to go to the Labour Ward for constant monitoring rather than giving birth in the Birth Center as initially planned. Who say labour is not painful? It was one hell of a pain that you will remember for life (but will forget quickly after birth!). I wasn’t dilated very well so no pain relief could be applied just yet. And at the point when the doctor decided to give me epidural, he was immediately on an emergency call for another operation, left me waiting with contractions come and go every minute. God also knows how to tease!!! My whole body was shaking, some certain points in time I thought I was going to die, seriously!

Then my baby heart rate was way too fast indicated that he was stress. The other doctor decided to break my water manually to check the colour. And also decided to take a sample from the top of my baby head for some testing. I thought I wouldn’t scream, but I screamed the hell out of me when my water broke at the same time with one painful contraction. Then I screamed at every contraction after that with no self-control. I started pushing.

Funny enough remember back in those days people always teased Gio not to pass out when helping his wife deliver, we laughed at that joke. But in real life he almost did :). Gio only prepared for the actual delivery, but he never planned that he had to help the doctor break my water, or get the sample of my baby from… inside me. He was almost fainted on the floor :D My mum told me at that time he looked so pale, and after all that he had to run quickly outside to breath. Even my mum, with so much experience, but I could see how terrified she was at that time…

The decision came back with an emergency caesarean section when I have already started pushing so hard and screaming so loud. Tears to my eyes. Both because I was in pain, but also I did not prepare for a difficult birth at all.  The minute they injected the drug to my lower body, I felt the whole world was alive again, even though my top half body was still shaking (because of the side effect from the drug). I was kind of half unconscious, maybe because I was too tired after a whole day in labour. But I could see Gio sitting next to me, holding my hand and talked gently to me. Then I heard the doctors sang to my favourite song  “Out of reach” by Gabriel on the radio while operating on me. Then finally, I heard the baby cry…

That was a moment I could never forget. Gio was holding a little baby boy in his arm, trying to show him to me while the doctors were still stitching me. “He is beautiful. I think he looks more like you!” Gio said. I cried because I couldn’t reach out to hold my little boy immediately (My hands were still shaking). I cried happily because my boy was delivered safely. I cried when I saw this little beautiful baby sleeping peacefully on his daddy’s arm. “He is real!” I was waiting for 9 months and suddenly too overwhelmed by this moment. “This is it! We have a baby!!!”

When we were back to the recovery room, the midwife then lifted my baby to my chest for his first feed. How amazing, he could find the breast and latch on immediately. Holding him in my arms, suddenly I felt that the pain in the past 24 hours and tiredness were disappeared like it has never happened before . I could not take my eyes off my beautiful baby for a second. This is the best thing that ever happen to our life!”

At 3.35am on the 21st of October, 2009, welcome Daniel to the world and to our lovely family! MUMMY and DADDY LOVE YOU xox

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  1. :)

    Thanks wiffy :) You did all the hard job and You gave me one of the best experiences of all my life.

    Thanks :)

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