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Daniel’s One Month Celebration Party

Tháng Mười Một 21, 2009

This is the big event not just for Daniel but also for mummy. Mummy have planned Daniel’s party since Daniel was still inside mummy’s tummy, hehe.

At first, mummy did not plan to have the traditional Vietnamese ceremony “Cúng Mụ” for Danny, but granny from Vietnam really insisted on we doing that. “Cúng Mụ” is the ceremony to invite the 12 Vietnamese fairy tale midwives, the Goddess believed to give shape to and protect babies, to come and bless our Daniel. So here we are:

1.  Mummy prepare the ceremony

2. Pray for the goddess midwives to bless for Daniel

3. Daniel also pray

4. The ceremony table

5. Lunch celebration with everyone

6. Cut the cake with mummy and daddy

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