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This is how Daniel has changed

Tháng Mười Hai 9, 2009

It’s amazing to see how Daniel has changed in the last few weeks. Being with him every single day, mummy did not realise until looking back at those pictures.

At 4am 21/10/09, i.e. just half an hour after Daniel was born

Day 1 – “I am turning into a little angel”

Day 2 – Little eyes open

Day 3 – Little cuttie

Day 6 – Strangely, a little grown up man!

Day 7 – Very Asian look with long small eyes

Day 8 – I am a happy man

Day 20 – After 12 days, isn’t it amazing how Daniel has changed into a little handsome boy?

Day 22 -Look at those big eyes!

Day 26 – Daniel has the look that could melt his parent’s hearts

Day 30 – Always a happy boy

Day 35 – And a true darling

Mummy HEART Daniel xox

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