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7 things about Daniel (2 months old’s notes)

Tháng Mười Hai 21, 2009

Daniel is exactly 2 months old today. Mommy’ve just brought him back from the baby clinic and am feeling very happy with my little boy. So here are a few notes about Daniel’s health and growth chart so far (trộm vía n times)

1.Measurements: At 2 months old, Daniel weights over 5.6kg (i.e gains almost 2 kgs from birth) and 60cm* long (i.e 8cm longer).  All of his 0-3 months bodysuits are tight as they are only for up to 5.5kg only so Daniel started to wear 3-6 months clothes now (bà ngoại bảo mặc quần áo rộng cho nó lớn nhanh :D)

2. Input – Output: Danny is “trộm vía” always a hungry baby. On the very first day, he emptied a bottle of 50ml of Cow and Gate (since mummy’s breastmilk had not arrived yet) when his stomach was only a pea size. Mommy was shock! Since the third day until now, he was completely on breastmilk. During the first month, he took about 60ml of breastmilk on each feed (for about 10 to 14 times a day). Mommy gave him breastmilk on a bottle every 2, 3 day and Daniel has no problem drinking from the bottle (again, trộm vía). With the bottle, he achieved a shoccking sucking speed: 60ml in only 3 mins!!!, while the same amount from mommy’s breast would take him about 30mins. From the second month, he took about 80ml to 100ml of breastmilk on each feed which also means he stayed full for longer. Mommy only have to feed him about 8 to 10 times a day (every 2 hours during day time and every 3 to 4 hours at night).

Since his input is that much, his output is completely mad! Daniel still wet and poo after each feed, and alot. When mommy wrote alot, I mean, alot! On average this month, we need to change 10 nappies a day for Daniel (compare to an average of 15 nappies a day in the first month including “accident” nappies). But this also mean his digestion is good, so mommy have absolutely no complaint! :P

3. Sleeping patterns: Not yet developed totally, but Daniel would sleep 3 to 4 hours (sometimes 4.5 hrs) at night before waking up for a feed. During a day, he stays awake for longer (1 to 2 hours) after feed so he only naps for about 1 to 2 hours each time.

4. Achivements: Daniel could go to sleep on his own, almost every night now after each feed! Mommy still need to be very patient on training him as there were days he decided to be moody and need to cuddle. And hopefully granny won’t break mommy’s effort so far, as granny couldn’t stand listening to Daniel’s crying so she would rock him to sleep again. But that only happened during a day so mommy have no problem with that, as Daniel need a cuddle every now and then. As long as he could sleep on his own at night, mommy is happy!

Another achievement was that when awake, Daniel could play on his own for more than an hour, either with his cot mobile or on a bouncer so mommy and granny have more time to do our own thing.

Just last week, Daniel could grasp toys from his bouncer and love holding/shaking his Santa balloon.

5. New Hobbies: Mommy was too surprised to find out Daniel love listening to story. He has a few soft books with lots of pictures and he couldn’t take his eyes out of the book each time mommy read for him and would laugh out loud each time mommy immitated animal’s sounds.

Daniel loves bathing now. He would cry when mommy brought him out of the bathroom (but I guess because of temperature change).

6. Bad Habits: Daniel started to suck his fingers, and not just his thumb, a whole hand!He sometimes snored so loud at night as well, as loud as his daddy!

7. But Everybody loves Daniel: because he is a smiley boy and laugh alot. He only cries for a good reason (and most of the time because he is hungry).

(*): this is the correct measurement, 58cm was about 2 weeks ago

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