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Daniel’s Three Months Notes

Tháng Một 21, 2010

Time flies. Our little Daniel is already 3 months old. So as a habit, mummy write down a few milestones about his growth to keep track later on.

1. Measurement: Daniel weighted 6.6kg yesterday at the clinic, and he is 63cm long. So basically he is on the good growing chart and mummy is happy about that. Just last night, mummy let him wear his new 3-6months clothes. All of his 0-3 months clothes will now be put away as they are already a bit short for him.

2. Input – Output: Daniel is still on breastmilk totally. Mummy try to stay strong and won’t give him any fomular milk just yet (eventhough his grandpa sometimes insist on doing that, I don’t know why his grandpa think fomular milk is good when mummy have enough of her milk for Daniel?). Mummy give Daniel breastmilk on a bottle every other day so he won’t forget the bottle but it seems to me that he’s already got addicted to the breast. He is not so fuss about the bottle (trom via) but mummy still have to give Daniel breasts after bottle feeding or else he is not happy. Mummy was kind of lost track of how much he eat now, sometimes 100ml, sometimes 150ml, sometimes 100ml on a  bottle plus both breasts, so as long as he is contented after each feed and gain weight, mummy is not so worry about the quantity any more.

Output is still a disaster in a good way (if you know what I meant). Daniel only poo poo about 2 times a day now, but most of the time he did the poo poo, we would have to change his clothes as no nappies could hold his shxx…

3. Sleeping: Daniel could sometimes sleep overnight and wake up early in the morning for breakfast. Otherwise he would wake up once or twice at night for supers. He stays alert longer during day time and naps only 2 or 3 times a day (only after he was too tired from playing).

4. Milestones: Daniel started to play with toys by hand (grasping). His could lift his head up with no problem but he still could not roll over yet. He started to recognise faces, especially his mummy and smile and talk each time he saw his mummy face. Sometimes he would pause while eating and look at mummy with those big eyes, then smile, that could make his mummy’s heart melt like ice cream. He is not quite familiar with his Daddy face just yet (as Daddy is at work all the time and only see Daniel at night a bit before his bedtime) but seems like Daniel love Daddy’s voice. He stop crying most of the time when he hear his daddy voice. So sometimes during a day, mummy call daddy on the mobile and put on loud speaker so Daniel can hear his daddy’s voice. Mummy predict Daniel will be quite talkative as he’s already loved talking. He would “A, O, E” each time someone talk to him or even when he is playing on his own. When he is not sleeping, he loves practising kick boxing all the time and his mummy and granny are his sand bags.

5. Bad habits: Sucking his fingers still, most of the time sucking the whole hand. Daniel did not cry (oe oe like a baby) for attention but shout “EEEEE” and scream to get what he want (quite rude as he “EEEEE” to granny all the time :D)

But everyday mummy love Daniel more and more and more! He is such my little angelly evil genious xox.

Happy 3 months old my lovely boy!

2 bình luận
  1. Di` lo permalink

    Ha ha, Danny mac ao vai bong trong do qua :p Happy 3 month bday to con trai yeu qui cua di` nhe, mwahhh :x

  2. Hytrang permalink

    Hey, cai anh nay trong lai co net nhang nhac ong ngoai kia` :)

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