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9 facts about Daniel

Tháng Bảy 21, 2010

1. Today, Daniel is exactly 9 months old and he is currently on a good growth chart (trộm vía) so mommy is very happy. He gained almost 0.5kg compare to last month so seems like everything is on the right track (trộm vía again).

2. He officially started crawling since last Saturday. And since then, he was crawling like crazy!!! He could reach anything now so we have to start our baby proof all over the house. A plus on top of that, he has no problem standing on his feet, and he really enjoy standing and doing abit of walking with his walking toys, of course with his parents’ or granny’s support.

3. Daniel is a strong little man (trộm vía!). Last Sunday, to his mommy shock, Daniel was actually picking up a glass vase  that weight about 2 kg just by one hand.

4. He has 4 teeths now, actually 3.5 as one front teeth has just come out half way while the one next to it had already come out in full (and very big). Luckily (and trộm vía), he did not have any side effects of teething such as fever or gum pain or refuse to eat, etc. Thanks god for that! Trộm vía again!

5. Daniel can eat 3 main meals a day (breakast, lunch, dinner) plus 2 suppers in the afternoon and before bed time. Mommy still give him small portion of food at lunch or dinner, but almost like a proper meal with main course, dessert (fruit/yogurt) and drink. We also have to change his menu every day to ensure his appetite (he could be picky sometimes). He can also have some finger foods (mainly vege or bread/biscuit) for fun if he wants to join the adults for dinner (obviously we eat after Daniel’s finishing his dinner). He still also drink plenty of milk including both breast milk and fomular (about 5 to 6 times a day, after the meals, early morning and before bed time).

6. Bad thing he still could not sleep overnight yet, still wakes up at least once at night but mommy so got use to that, just have to wait for “the time” to come. Pray!

7. Daniel is quite active during the day. He still goes to Gymboree about 2 to 3 times a week. He has recently joined a swim class once per week as well. Plus his mommy is trying to organise so that his granny can take him to one music session for baby per week and maybe to the local library for babies to read books whenever granny is free. So Daniel can be active during a day while his parents go to work and his granny won’t be so bored staying at home with him all the time.

8. He is very talkative nowadays. Daniel could not say a proper word yet, the best he could speak properly is “mam mam” but he could “AAAA” all day long until his mommy got a headache :P

9. Daniel is always a happy boy, he got so excited when he heard the sound of door opening every evening when his daddy or mommy got home from work. And immediately his smiley face, his baby voice in his own language plus his hands and feets hurry towards us just made all the tiredness disappear after the long stressful day. It was very difficult to leave my boy to go to work every morning but hey ho, that’s life. Just seeing him growing everyday so cheerfully and healthy made us happy than ever.

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