Bỏ qua nội dung

Daniel’s first word

Tháng Mười Một 1, 2010

Actually since 9, 10 months old, Daniel has already started with “mam mam”, “ma ma”, “aaaaa”, “eeeeee” and lots of other words in his own baby meaning that mommy still can not translate yet. But recently, he started on his proper word.

One morning, Daniel woke up, looked Daddy in his eyes and called clearly “Daddy!” that made his daddy’s face really turned red caused of hapiness, hehe.

The next day, he saw mommy and started calling mommy “Daddy”, grannies were also as “Daddy”. We tried to correct him as we would point at me and say “Mommy”, but Daniel always decided to call “Daddy” instead. He even raised his voice “Daddy” angrily when people kept on correcting him :))

Yes, and there is the best bit. Just the other day, he pointed at the bus  and called “Daddy” =)). He went to the shopping center and started shouting “Daddy” to everyone passing him =)).

And so we gave up teaching him :D

One Comment
  1. Di` Bé permalink

    Thế thì các cậu phải dạy Danny gọi Bé đi vậy :p

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