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Daniel’s Vocabulary at 14 months old

Tháng Mười Hai 20, 2010

Here are Daniel’s words he speak so far:

+ Daddy: very loud and clear. He started to call “Daddy” to his real…daddy now, but sometimes he calls mommy as “daddy” too. So far as he knows, he has 2…daddies.

+ Mama: for some reason he never want to call “mommy” eventhough he is capable of doing so. At first he said “Mẹ” which is Vietnamese for mommy, but now he just call “mama”

+ Happy: yes, my happy boy is saying “happy” every morning when he wakes up or whenever mommy is singing “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hand”.

+ Nappy: when his nappy is smelly, yuk!

+ Baby

+ Bye bye: or when he is lazy, he just says “ai ai”, but always together with a few waves

And some Vietnamese words:

+ Bà bà: to grandma or just when mommy is singing “bah bah black sheep”

+ Măm măm: whenever he wants to eat anything (or he sees that you are eating something, nowadays we can never eat anything in front of him)

+ Đi đi: mean “go go”. He says it all the time whenever mommy or granny dress him up as he thinks he can go out.

+ Đẹp quá!: mean “it’s beautiful”, but obviously, he says it more like “ẹp tóa!”

+ Ối giời ơi!: mean “oh my god!”, and yes, he says it more like “dù ôi”

and lots of other words that mommy still can not translate yet :P

Report in progress!

2 bình luận
  1. Di` Bé permalink

    Me Mai con quen Danny noi duoc “cai gi” va “het roi” nhe :p Danny sieu ghe, toan noi duoc 2 tu :x

  2. danny's mom permalink

    uh nhi tu nhien ko nghi ra

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