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About Daniel

Hello everyone! So this is the first time I am here, let me introduce my profile ok :)

My full name: Daniel Minh Nguyen Guglielmino (but since my granny kept on calling me Đan Neo, mummy told all my relatives in Vietnam to call me Danny). So my short name is Danny

My date of birth: 21st October 2009

Time I was born: 3.35am

My measurement at birth: 3.71kg (8 pounds 4 oz) and 52cm long

Star sign: Libra

Vietnamese zodiac sign: Ox (but my daddy prefer to call it a Buffalo)

Hair: alot, mine was kindda black at birth but it changes to kindda brown now, mummy told me it will change colour even more when I grow up

Eyes: again, black at birth but my eyes changed to brown with a flash of green or blue, mummy can’t really tell me now so we will have to wait and see.

Interest: At the moment, I love drinking milk and kick boxing alot.

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